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Friday, December 4, 2020

10 things about PUBG Mobile India that you just cannot afford to miss out on


PUBG Mobile India comeback is a foregone conclusion. The fans are overjoyed, especially as most everyone had thought that once this amazing game was banned there would be no return from the dead – there was huge criticism directed against it, even in the best of times. Well, miracles do happen, especialy in the digital world, PUBG mobile has shown. So, here we are barely months after the ban, eagerly waiting for PUBG Mobile India download link to be activated or the release date to be revealed. The disappointment has quickly turned to happiness for all at the thought of getting their fav game back in the palm of their hands.

However, everyone should know that PUBG Mobile India game will not be the same. Yes, some of the best features may well disappear although there has not been much light thrown on the subject by the company. What was being targetted were the features that crossed all limits. The game had been criticised for its wanton nature – blood everywhere, killing, gruesome snippets and more. However, some of these features were loved by the gamers and they would surely be disappointed if they were left out of the PUBG Moobile India app now.

PUBG Mobile India comeback will be complete when it is actually rolled out here and that will only be after publisher Krafton ties up with new partners to meet Indian laws and it tightens up security. Both PUBG Mobile India teasers have already been released on social media and they are designed specifically for the Indian market. Sadly, no specific launch date has been revealed, nor what is actually on the app.

There is already some clarity about the changes to the PUBG Mobile India app. Here are 10 that we noticed:

1. PUBG Mobile India will be changed in a way that it suits Indian sentiments.
2. It will adhere to the local government laws. 
3. Privacy will be ensured. For that parent company Krafton has signed a deal with Microsoft to store store player data on Azure. 
4. Players will see more localized content in the game
5. There will likely be localized in-game items to purchase. 
6. Some of the violent effects will be toned down for players – blood and gore parts.
7. Foster a healthy gameplay environment
8. New characters will automatically start clothed
9. Green hit effects
10. Some restrictions on game time

Notably, PUBG Mobile got banned in India by the government along with over 100 apps of Chinese origin. This was due to India hitting back at Chinese interests over the neighbouring country’s actions on the border.